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Emma is a strategic leader with expertise in sustainability communications. Early in her career, she became acquainted with Alberta’s energy history and the complexities shaping today’s global energy transition.


Fascinated by the ways in which ecological, social and economic systems interconnect, her interest in energy quickly evolved into a deeper passion for unearthing stories and communicating about sustainability practices. From corporate communications and business storytelling to community engagement and creative writing, Emma is committed to advancing the transition to a more sustainable future.


She leverages the power of communications to constructively explore complex issues and uses storytelling as a tool to discuss divergent perspectives. She is relentlessly curious and open-minded.


Emma holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and Creative Writing from the University of Calgary, but considers herself a lifelong learner as she continues to explore new topics and perspectives. 


When she’s not working, Emma can be found bouldering, weight lifting or adventuring with her husband and their dog, Georgia.​

Why prairie dog?

Prairie dogs are known for their sophisticated vocal language and complex tunnel systems. They are smart, loyal and social creatures. Prairie Dog Communications values this intrinsic spirit of collaboration and discovery, while remembering that below the surface there is more to every story.



Corporate writing

Core story and branding

Business storytelling

Brand development
Media materials and press kits
Social media content
Event collateral

Community education
Stakeholder interviews
Webinar and workshop design

Goals, objectives and strategies

Communications plans

Communications audits

Sponsorship engagement 
Sponsorship proposal packages
Impact assessment and storytelling

Funding applications


Strategic Communications

Creative Services

Sponsorship Acquisition

Community Engagement


Guiding Principles


Social, ecological and economic systems are complex and defined by endless interconnections, meaning there are no silver bullets when it comes to creating a more sustainable future. By leveraging a systems-approach, Prairie Dog Communications is committed to capturing nuance and delivering content that encourages target audiences to consider new and diverse perspectives, solutions and values.


Curiosity and investigation play a crucial role in the communications process and in the discovery of new concepts, ideas and stories. Prairie Dog Communications actively seeks to understand the bigger picture without shying away from challenging questions. Maintaining a spirit of inquiry lays the foundation for stronger, more balanced communications.


Good communications reflect real action, ideas and issues. Prairie Dog Communications believes that important messages can be conveyed with precision and power, without relying on misleading or unfounded information. Integrity is core to the Prairie Dog's vision for a more sustainable future and acts as a guiding compass at all stages of a given project.

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